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Discover the ETF’s evolution revolution.

0% fees

No fees, sans frais, sin tasas, без такси, 不收费.

No need to search further, it’s in the title.


One asset for a market exposure, that’s all.


Decentralized, open-source, you don’t trust the project ? Verify it.


No fees, but even better, you can earn yield directly on your assets with the staking option.


Decentralized Finance is the new El Dorado of the financial world, discover boundless opportunities to grow your Kor assets across this galaxy.


On the blockchain, you really own your assets, no bank nor third party can tell you otherwise. Do whatever you feel like with your assets.


Mistakes are human… Well, no worries here, the protocol is run by automated algorithms. No bad feelings, just pure pragmatism.

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This project has not yet been launched and is still in development.